GTA V gets battle royale in Trap Door update

The battle royale trend continues. Its next bandwagoner is GTA V.

Five years after its release, the game is still getting content updates to the online mode. The newest one is a new Adversary mode called Trap Door. Players also get discounts accompanying the update as usual.

The Trap Door mode sits with other GTA V Adversary Modes like The Vespucci Job and Hardest target. However, this is a true battle royale mode, with two teams facing off on a shrinking platform upon the Pacific Ocean. Well, it’s not true battle royale. But it’s pretty much GTA’s take on it.

Teams are small with no aspirations like the 100-player matches of the battle royale leaders. The contests take place over several rounds and any player that gets killed is dropped into the red zone, which gives them a chance to escape it in order to redeem themselves.

The system is vastly different from revivals on other teammates. The player’s second chance depends on themselves rather than strangers, which is a welcome twist to the genre. Rockstar’s continual improvement to the game isn’t anything surprising, given that it’s one of the best-selling games of all time and makes sense to continue giving it some TLC.

But this isn’t the first time GTA has done this. Motor Wars was similar and was released to the game last year.

Discounts to new weapons and vehicles will apply with this update and discounts on vehicles and weapons. Players will also get extra cash for doing Smuggler’s Run and Biker Business games.

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