PC Building Simulator gets new hardware and keeps dropping content.

PC Building Simulator gets colored cables and new hardware in newest update

PC Building Simulator released another update which adds a bunch of new stuff any PC builder will appreciate.

If you’ve never heard of this game, it’s one of those simulator games that went viral. PC Building Simulator will let you build a custom PC from scratch and also repair PCs in a struggling repair shop that challenges players to bring it back to profitability. Start with simple tasks like virus removal and work up to fixing hardware issues.

The newest update to the game adds the Antec DF500 case and is probably one of the first of many cases added to the game. The developers have developed a partnership in order to get the license to use their products.

CPU water cooling is also added in the newest update. It’s a simplified version of the water-cooling system used to cool the CPU. It’s an all-in-one water cooler rather than the complex ones enthusiasts use today. Perhaps in a later update, we’ll get the hardcore version.

Colored cables with over 100 options can be selected to brighten up the computer parts to make it a little prettier. Not all of the colors work properly, but it should be fixed within a new update. It’s a major patch of the cabling feature and the devs will surely improve it.

Other bug fixes have also come along in the newest update. You can see the full patch notes here.