Gus Martin solo developing Resort Boss: Golf; Publishing by Excalibur Games

Game publisher Excalibur Games has announced a new simulator game called Resort Boss: Golf, which is about exactly what it sounds like- managing a golf resort.

Excalibur Games has a lot of experience when it comes to simulation games. They’re the team behind Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Now they’re making a simulation/tycoon game where you’ll be working as a golf resort “boss” and running a luxury golf resort. The game was previously announced as Boss Golf and is being created by none other than Gus Martin. He’s the guy behind projects like Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV, so there’s some level of experience going into Resort Boss: Golf.

Although the game genres in this title are very mixed and rather extreme, the experience is still there. Players will have to build a resort from scratch- starting with a one-hole golf course to a five-star getaway. The game has an announcement that shows off some of the gameplay footage. You can view it after the post.

Players will focus on managing a golf course, but will also have to take care of hotels, restaurants, and other vacation accommodations. The visuals are colorful and the gameplay looks minimalistic with an easy-on-the-eyes UI and basic layout that players will be familiar with.

The trailer shows off the depth and complexity though of managing a resort. There seems to be extensive customization and micromanagement given the tools and gameplay footage. A press release by Excalibur says that there will “expansive landscaping tools” to do things like plant trees, terraform terrain, and basically shape the land around the resort to their will. Since golf courses vary in design, having the ability to shape the environment adds a level of depth that’s endless- and this includes the usual hazards you’ll find in golfing like bunkers, water, and cliffs.

There will also be economic management like financial reports, staffing, wages, retail, and even hotel control. So if you like tycoon games and you’re up for something that’ll take you to a vacation getaway (of your creating), be on the lookout for Resort Boss: Golf. This is Gus Martin’s first time making a game solo, but Excalibur’s history of publishing games will surely help him out.

Resort Boss: Golf will be available on February 7th, 2019 on Steam Early Access. This game will be PC only as far as I know.

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