Horizon Zero Dawn's sequel will be coming, but that's something players have been expecting.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel is coming, but we already knew

Horizon Zero Dawn is now pretty much confirmed, as Janina revealed to a fan that the sequel is going to be amazing.

The first entry of Horizon Zero Dawn took the market by storm. The game was the best-selling game int eh UK during its release week. It even passed No Man’s Sky as the first best new intellectual property release on the PS4 since Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

The first week in Japan pulled in over 117K sales, which was the second best-selling game that week. This was also the case for its release week in Australia.

This game sold over 10M copies to date and was also Guerilla Games’ biggest game debut ever. During the month it came out, the game was the best-selling game on the PS Store.

With sales like this, is it even a surprise that the game is getting a sequel? Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most successful premier launch titles on the PlayStation to date. Now that we’re hearing confirmation that it’ll be getting a sequel, it seems like we’ve known all along already. Not surprised, but super surprised at the same time.

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