HZD 2 has now been confirmed, but players already knew that.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news breaks the surface

Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel has finally surfaced on the web with some bits of information regarding the sequel.

The details come from the unexpected source as usual- Janina Gavankar, who has participated in The Frozen Wilds DLC in Horizon Zero Dawn leaked the first piece of information regarding Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

A reddit post revealed that Janina spoke to a Star Wars fan at Star Wars Celebration which was currently happening in Chicago. The fan thanked her for getting her onoto HZD and Janina simply states:

“Just wait until you see the sequel, you’re gonna die. I know some secrets, you’re gonna die.”

This was a reveal and confirmation at the same time. If it weren’t for that fan, the world may never know- yet. IGN did recognize that her character was only available during the DLC and not in the main game. but her character was left with a narrative that’s open-ended. IGN reached out to PlayStation for a comment but has yet to hear anything back.

Also, we need to rule out that the possibility that she could pbe playing another character in HZD 2, but we’ll get news later on when the game actually comes out.

Someone stating that Guerilla is working on a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty obvious, but we don’t know anything else at this point, other than there will be a sequel. Everything else is still unknown. The game sold over 10M copies during its anniversary after the second year, which was pretty amazing given that this game was brand new. The game was already highly-rated and one of the best games recently released on the PlayStation for a new series- ever.

HZD 1 can currently be bought on the PS4. HZD 2 will also be probably also be another exclusive (duh) and we’ll update you with more updates as we hear them.

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