Where to catch Null and Silvally in Sword and Shield.

How to catch Null and evolve into Silvally in Sword and Shield

For trainers trying to catch the elusive Null and Silvally in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll want to follow these steps.

The Pokemon Null evolves from Silvally, but finding Silvally can be difficult.

Fear not, as this guide will teach you how to catch Silvally!

How to get Null

First thing we’ll need to do is catch Null.

You can find Null in the Battle Tower. This is only available after you complete either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

Enter the Battle Tower and find the trainer to the left. Talk to her and she’ll give you Null.

After you get Null, you’ll want to evolve it into Silvally.

How to get Silvally

The process is pretty strange: You have to make the happiness of Null to 220. Then it’ll evolve into Silvally. You can do this by feeding it or through the use of items.

After Null reaches 200 happiness, it evolves into Silvally. You’ll now have both Pokemon in your Pokedex.

Note that Silvally allows you to control the form it takes depending on the item it has.

You can change the evolution of Null into Silvally by changing the equipped item.

Silvally forms

They synthetic-type Pokemon can take on many forms depending on what you have equipped.

You can change Silvally to various forms by using an item in that element.

For example:

  • Dark Silvally = Dark Memory item equipped
  • Poison Silvally = Spoison Memory item equipped
  • Rock Silvally = Rock Memory item equipped

Just choose the element you want to evolve it into and equip it. That’s it!

Silvally and Null are both extremely rare Pokemon in Sword and Shield, but the process of catching them and finding them is actually very easy.