MrBeast giving fake money debunked.

MrBeast accused of donating “fake money”

The online philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) has been known for his previous generous donations that made a few streamers break into tears.

He’s given away a ton of money to random people online, probably more than any other person recently in the news (that’s been notarized and popularized).

His “free money” video that recently went live showed him hoarding piles of cash.

He’s opened a “load department” where he’ll give people money without expecting anything in return.

From this video, some people criticized that the money was fake. If you pause it, there’s a clip where the money clearly shows “Motion Picture” across the top rather than what you typically see on a bill- “The United States of America.”

Because of this, accusations came up that the money was fake.

Does MrBeast really have all this cash? Is he fake? The topic was brought up to him during a session with KEEMSTAR yesterday.

MrBeast states that the cash he used was fake. This was to help reduce any fraud and safety risks for his “customers.”

He mentioned that if he actually put real money, this could be dangerous for his fans. To keep everyone safe, he decided to use fake dollar bills.

The thought pattern is obvious- if someone knows you have money, that could be dangerous.

MrBeast puts it in his own words:

“Long story short, if you have hundreds of people in one location, and you’re just handing out tons of money – if you’re handing out actual, real money, there are safety and security risks,”

MrBeast on his “fake money”

He also mentioned that he’d give away a check to cash, rather than the actual dollar bills.

He would also do this off-cam, rather than during a live session. Makes sense.

Looks like the philanthropist is still legit. He’s taking precautions for the safety of others and himself.