How to get Elgyem and Beheeyem in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Looking for the rare Elgyem Pokemon in Sword and Shield? It can be difficult to catch them before after all, they’re RARE. But that’s why you’re here- so let’s cover how to find them.

The Elgyem Pokemon happens to be one of the more difficult Pokemon to find in the game.

The Gen 5 psychic Pokemon is no stranger to newer Trainers, especially because of its unique appearance.

Where to find Elgyem

The location of Elgyem is at the Motostoke Riverbank. The weather must be foggy for it to appear. The spawn rate is 10-30%, but varies depending on the weather.

This means if you visit the area under foggy weather at least 10 times, you should be able to find Elgyem.

You’ll find it spawning between LVL 26-29 within the Motostoke Riverbank.

How to get Beheeyem

After you catch Elgyem, you can evolve it into Beheeyem. Elgyem will evolve at LVL 42, so you’ll have to grind out a few levels first before it can evolve. Once it hits LVL 42, it’ll evolve into Beheeyem.

You can just grind it out or use some special equips to get more XP, such as Rare Candy.

After that, you’ll have Beheeyem in your Pokedex, along with Elgyem.