PewDiePie’s “Poopdie” game banned by Apple for being too “stinky”

PewDiePie’s newest mobile game was rejected from Apple’s App Store, but was accepted on Google Play.

The game is called “Poopdie” and was released last February 2018. Pewds has been working on the game since and users can download it on Google Play for free. But that doesn’t go for iOS users, oh no.

Poopdie is a game where players play through the story of a worm that constantly practices flatulence. Players need to defeat the boss Samron and his minions using this ability.

From watching the trailer, the game is actually quite ‘stinky.’ A lot of the game is just toilet humor, and Apple’s decision may be legit.

Apple rejected his game because it was too “stinky.” Yes, quite literally. That seems to be the remark when PewDiePie revealed it to his fans. I guess even the biggest celebrities don’t get special treatment- at least for app submissions.

He revealed this earlier today on his new video. The gaming celebrity said:

“When we submitted the game, Apple thought this game was too stinky, for whatever reason. It’s all cartoony, but apparently, this game is too stinky for Apple. It’s only out for Google Play right now, we’re working to fix that.”

His video was titled “My game was banned,” which is fitting.

PewDiePie has made other games such as Tuber Simulator, so he’s not new to this. However, his newest game Poopdie will require some work before it goes live on iOS. If you’re waiting, you can check out the trailer for the game now.