Last Year: The Nightmare comes to PC December 18; Console versions planned

Elastic Games has finally revealed that they’ll be releasing Last Year: The Nightmare after two months of silence following its closed beta.

The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game will be coming out on PC on December 18 with consoles following in 2019.

Many fans have been following Last Year: The Nightmare for quite some time now as it brings a new concept to the horror genre. It’ll be a Discord Store exclusive game, meaning that the only way to play it is to buy it through the recently launched DRM platform in direct competition with Steam.

Elastic Games also sadi that they have some big plans for Last Year: The Nightmare going into next year. One of the points is that the game will come on home consoles. We don’t know which ones exactly, but we can expect a PS4 and Xbox One release for the multiplayer horror title. The Nintendo Switch may also get a piece of the action given that many developers are now releasing more “adult” games on the console.

Elastgic Games has followed trhough and will be releasing Last Year: The Nightmare within their rlese schedule of 2018 as promised. Even if its on the tail end, it’s still better than late.

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