League of Legend’s Ezreal next in line for a rework

League of Legend’s Ezreal is next in line for a rework- following Nunu and Willump earlier this Summer. Ezreal will get a whole overhaul of his abilities to make him relevant and possibly “meta” again.

Riot Games revealed a small glimpse of overhauled Ezreal in action by releasing a new teaser trailer showing off the flashy new abilities, with his “W” being the biggest new change compared to the previous Ezreal reworks. Ezreal also got a new look with a stylistic approach to his character model. Otherwise, he looks pretty much the same as before.

The trailer also presents the variety of skins for Ezreal and how they’ll look after the rework.

At the moment, there’s no specific release date as to when the overhaul will be complete. Following this trailer, there should be a new Champion Spotlight with a detailed look at his changes after the overhaul is complete.