Marvel's Avengers details.

Marvel’s Avengers will have 4-player co-op

Marvel’s Avengers was revealed yesterday, and we’ve learned that the game will have an online co-op mode.

Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment officially dropped the news on their latest partnership project- Marvel’s Avengers. This game will have a full reveal during the Square Enix Live E3 2019 on June 10.

The game was first revealed back in 2017 and now has come to fruition, with the worldwide reveal lined up for E3.

They even a fancy virtual backdrop for this reveal, as you can see featured in this post’s image. The game has been a long-speculated projected with plenty of fan theories to date.

Marvel’s avengers will have an online co-op mode where you can play with a friend.

An E3 leak shows some details regarding this game. The leak was discovered by Evan Filarca and posted on Twitter, which clearly confirms that the game will support an online co-op mode, epic storytelling, and the “defining Avengers gaming experience.”

There will be multiplayer gameplay with squads of four players, where they can each combine their ability to save the world from evil villains!

This is pretty much every Avengers fans’ dream. The ability to play as a hero and offer your special powers to help each other, alongside a robust campaign.

Marvel has been seriously putting some effort into their games lately, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man.

However, we shouldn’t expect Marvel’s Avengers to be part of the same universe as the previous hit game, as this will be a standalone story told by Crystal Dynamics.

E3 will bring additional details about Marvel’s Avengers.