Meet Fortnite’s new vehicle: The Quadcrasher

While the most popular battle royale game in the world certainly excels at many things (that’s why it’s so popular), it does have a few things missing- namely a huge selection of vehicles.

Fortnite does have its own variety of ways to “get around,” but vehicular combat isn’t Fortnite’s main game. Though, there has been a shopping cart and an all-terrain kart, but now they’ve announced a new vehicle- the Quadcrasher

The Quadcrasherin an ATV that seats two, with the passenger able to fire their weapon at enemies and the driver having the ability to give the vehicle a shot of adrenaline with a nitrous boost. The bike controls kind of like a tank, but has the ability to smash through obstacles and gets you across any terrain- quickly.

This thing has a ram bar with a mean face and a set of AT tires. Fuse a motorbike with an ATV and put on some funny decals and you’ve got the Quadcrasher. This thing seriously looks like something out of Halo– like the Warthog or something with one person running and the other piloting this bad boy.

You can see the new trailer Epic Games has released for the Quadcrasher here:

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