Minecraft sells over 30M copies worldwide.

Minecraft now at 30M copies sold worldwide on PC

The blocky adventure game Minecraft has now surpassed 30M copies on PC.

And yes, this is just counting PC sales. Minecraft has always been one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time, and continues to sell like crazy. Minecraft was and still is one of the most popular games even after its release back in 2009.

The game has now sold over 30M copies worldwide and the official Minecraft site tracks this data with a ticker showing how many copies have been bought. Although many can expect this from such a game, when you compare the sales to other games, Minecraft eats them all up- sometimes more copies sold for this one game than entire series for others.

When you factor in other sales on consoles and mobile, the game has sold over 100M copies aggregately. The game was originally developed by just one developer and later formed into Mojang. With this kind of success, many other developers should be proud of what’s possible. Even games like Fortnite had a huge start to begin with, unlike Minecraft.

And the game is still going. Minecraft just arrived on Xbox Game Pass and now players can play for free when they’re subscribed. And there’s even a Minecraft movie by Warner Bros. Minecraft has a lot going for it and plenty more to come.