Minecraft update allows players to create animated paintings 1

Minecraft update allows players to create animated paintings

The latest update to everyone’s favorite blocky sandbox builder allows players to create animated paintings, which means that players have already figured out a way to get animated TV shows and films to play in Minecraft.

Snapshot update 19W07A allows players to create video footage by breaking up paintings into individual textures, which means that animated films can be played within the game now. One user, destruc7i0n, shows off a very smooth texture of paintings to show a quality intro of Gravity Falls. Players can stitch together various paintings to create an animated film.

You just place paintings and use a resource pack. This will instantly allow you to create animations within Minecraft. The pack is 500MB and having multiple paintings will make your game lag for sure- so just be aware of that.

Another player put the entire Bee Movie intro¬†into the game, ShaneH7646. Although the animations aren’t perfect, it makes it feel like you’re watching an animated flipbook back in elementary school. He put together a 1600 frame Bee Movie together, so props to him.

You can get started with creating your own animations using the resources in this thread. Let’s see what players can come up with.