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Modern Warfare 1.09 “big” update – What’s new?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s large update (1.09) will be dropped within the next two days from reports online.

After players were left with a sour taste in their mouth on 11/19 with the hotfix patch, Infinity Ward spoke out about a “big update” coming later this week. This update is expected to be “1.09” update which will be the first major patch for Modern Warfare since launch on 10/25/19.

The update has been confirmed to be over “two pages” of patch notes, so we should expect to see plenty of bug fixes, content updates, and other improvements.

Modern Warfare will be getting a newer kill feed revamp so players will get less spam when they’re avenged. The spectator glitch will also be fixed, which happens to be a huge problem for Search and Destroy. Players will also see the map for a few seconds after being downed, so they can see exactly how they were defeated.

There’s no exact date for when the 11/19 update will go live other than sometime before the end of this week. That means there are only two possibilities based on previous history:

  • Thursday, 11/21/19, 10AM PST.
  • Friday, 11/22/19, 10AM PST.

The Modern Warfare update should drop before the weekend so players can enjoy it. Thus, it’s expected to release on either of those days. There’s currently no details about how large the patch will be, but it’s a “big update” so you can expect it to take some time to download and update.