Fortnite 11.20 update – What’s new?

The Fortnite 11.20 update goes live tomorrow night at 1AM PST on 11/20/19. The patch brings a slew of new changes to the game. The game will be down before the patch goes live, and matchmaking will be disabled.

Epic has stopped releasing patch notes since Chapter 2’s start, so players have to dive into the game to discover the changes. The thing to note is that the tweet literally says “stay tuned for updates.” So who knows that that means. Maybe the patch notes for 11.20 are back.

There are some details about this patch that have been confirmed so far.

The 11.20 update will have some new content, unlike last week’s patch which was just pretty meh.

The Bandage Bazooka will be back after a brief removal. Because of the syncing issues, the weapon was removed temporarily.

Now the Bandage Bazooka will be ready to roll out for players to use once again. There will also be challenges that require you to use the Bandage Bazooka to complete. It’ll likely be enabled across all game modes.

There will also be many bug fixes that are currently being an annoyance for players on the battlefield:

  • FPS drops on mobile versions
  • Buildings on PS4 and Xbox One showing ugly details upon landing
  • Devastator’s Outfit will now how the correct colors showing for the hair
  • Other load and jitter problems on spawn pads
  • Equipped item automatically becomes the selected item upon opening inventory
  • John Wick’s pistol size corrected
  • Many other smaller bug fixes and performance updates

We’re pretty sure that there’s still some missing information out there. If Epic releases the patch notes, you’ll see them here.

Update: Patch notes are out.