NEOGEO mini by SNK loaded with 40 classic titles

The NEOGEO that debuted back in 1990 is now coming back as a NEOGEO mini because SNK is celebrating their 40th anniversary.

This console loads up 40 nostalgic titles and sports a 3.5-inch display. Classic games can be played without the need for a TV at all. The small display is comfortable to the touch and allows it to be held in just your hand. It measures only 162mm tall and 135mm wide and weighs just 600g.

The console will be available in two different designs that cater to the western and eastern markets uniquely. The eastern version is red, white, and black that mimics the original NEOGEO cabinet. The western version is a modern take with white, black, and blue. It comes with an AC adaptor. The frame includes a joystick, ABCD buttons, HDMI output, headphone jack, and two external controller ports in case you want to connect to your TV.

The 40 games are unknown at this point, but promo ads show off some popular titles like The King of Fighters and Real Bout Fatal Fury.

Other details like price, release date, and games haven’t been confirmed as of now. SNK fans will log some hours.

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