Rainbow 6 getting a new map - what's new in the update 1

Rainbow 6 getting a new map – what’s new in the update

The popular FPS is getting another content update even though it’s a pretty dated game now.

They just keep on releasing more and more maps, weapons, and content for this game as the playerbase and community remains pretty stable over time. Ubisoft announced that Rainbow 6 Siege will be getting a new map based on a Tuscan Villa. And it’ll be named “Villa” as appropriate.

Villa is a part of the upcoming Operation Para Bellum update which will include two unknown GIS Operators. It’ll be the most competitive map ever made by Ubisoft and features staircases, tunnels, and plenty of nooks and crannies. The floors will also be destructible.

Operation Para Bellum will include a new internal gadget, buffs for Echo, and adjustments for the Clubhouse map as well as dropshotting. There will also be a new system to Pick and Ban which allows for an “extra layer of strategy between teams” because each side allows the other to counterpick during the banning phase. This will allow some interesting combinations the 6th Operator pick is chosen and teams will have to react to it accordingly.

Villa will be the next location as it’s owned by the Vinciguerra, a family rooted in crime and smuggling art pieces. They’re trying to rid their documents and save their prized valuables before the counter-terrorists investigate the villa.

Stay tuned for more news on the latest Rainbow 6 Siege update on the 20th of May during the Pro Finals.