New Anthem gameplay footage released; Destiny 2 comparisons unsettle

BioWare’s newest world shooter Anthem will be launching next month and the promotion has now officially begun.

Some new footage clocking in at 15 minutes has been released this morning. This is the longest in-game footage we’ve seen so far that’s been released. The footage is titled “Anthem: 15 Minutes of Lost Arcanist Gameplay” with some other subtitle keywords. Lost Arcanist is speculated to be one of the earlier missions from the game and will cover the basic tutorial for gunfights and flight.

There’s a huge caption that reads “ALPHA GAMEPLAY” which is kind of disappointing considering that we don’t get to see beta footage that’s closer to the real thing.

Regardless, the footage already looks stunning and looks strikingly similar to Destiny 2. The robotic voices in the background, the nav points, the quest lists, everything just screams Destiny 2. The best part of the new alpha footage is that it looks at 3 of the 4 Javelins that the game will have: The Storm Javelin, Colossus Javelin, and Interceptor Javelin. Each of the suits will have special features and this video demonstrates 3 of the Javelins.

Critically speaking, the game does look pretty repetitive. It just looks like a Destiny 2 reskin from the footage with a few new features such as “jetpacks” and whatnot. I was expecting something widely difference, and this footage hasn’t really made me want to try out the full game. Even the restricted spawning is there straight from Destiny.

The voiceovers also sound extremely poor, like the actors aren’t really giving it their full effort. Or it could just be the sound quality of the video. This was also pretty upsetting.

The comments section are littered with people comparing this game. But when they’re so similar, how can you not?

But I could be wrong. I’m giving the demo a shot at least.

BioWare will also launch a demo for Anthem this month. This will probably be considered “beta” as the video is still in “alpha.” January 25 marks the start for VIP users and everyone else will get to play a week alter.

Anthem has been planned for release on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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