New Ghost Recon game revealed on Twitter.

New Ghost Recon game to be revealed this week

Ubisoft will be revealing a new Ghost Recon later this week.

They first teased this with a new teaser site that fans speculated to be a new Ghost Recon game, and today, they tweeted the official confirmation that the game will be revealed later this week.

The Ghost Recon official Twitter account posted a tweet stating that it was made official that they’ll be debuting a new Ghost Recon trailer on May 9, 2:30 EST.

Other than this being another entry to the series, we don’t know what this really will compose of.

Considering the fact that Ubisoft is pretty sneaky about this, it seems that they have something big planned up their sleeves. It’s probably an entirely new game and not just some DLC pack for the current Ghost Recon Wildlands,l which had done very well when it launched back in 2017.

A sequel should now be announced at this reveal, at least that what fans are speculating. They’re also saying that this new game seems to be more similar to Future Soldier rather than previous GR games. Some even say that the game will take place on fictional oceanic islands. Others say the game will be futuristic.

We’ll find out this week, during the reveal.

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