New Plants Vs. Zombies game will have 20 character classes, PvP, and even free-roam regions

The new Plants vs. Zombies game for PC will probably be called Battle for Neighborville. EA has trademarked that name in EU, which confirms that this will very likely be the new PvZ game coming out.

Although we’re getting Plants vs. Zombies 3 only on the mobile device, some fans want to stick with the PC. Thus, the codenamed Picnic PvZ game will likely be this recently trademarked title.

Battle for Neighborville makes the suburb settings of the PvZ comics, however this game won’t be story-based.

A post on Reddit shows that this will have 20 character classes with a social region and free-roam also. There will also be PvP modes for players to duke it out.

The new PvZ will likely be some kind of Garden Warfare evolved version. We’ll have to see what EA has up their sleeves.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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