Steam Workshop mods now require Valve approval

Valve now requires that mod submissions to the Steam Workshop require their approval before they’re avaialbe to the public.

Just a few days ago, they needed developers to get their approval before they can update release dates.

Now, they need mod developers to follow the same path. A post on Reddit revealed this and the message from Valve states that they need to approve the mod first, which should take less than a day. There’s a two-pronged approach to mod submissions:

Valve ensures that new submissions are real by an email verification

New submissions go through a queue waiting for manual review

Updating existing mods will alss trigger the same warning. However subscribers will be able to have access to older versions during the time being.

There’s no specifics as to whether or not this applies to all games, or just a select few. However, CS:GO does seem to be one of those games that are affected.

Andy Wang

Andy Wang

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