Nightdive releases October update for System Shock remake

Nightdive Studios’ System Shock remake is making some excellent progress even with the few obstacles the studio has encountered this year. Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive, talked about some development issues they were going through.

They had to pause everything and reevaluate their approach for this remake- possibly straying from their previous path. Then, after a long hiatus, they went back on track with their original plan.

The October update for the remake looked pretty good. Fans who backed the project got a small taste of the final remake- they were able to roam around Citadel Station’s retro environment and do a variety of basic things like “pick up items, listen to audio logs, read emails and complete the game’s objectives from start to finish.”

Although this isn’t that impressive for a game that’s been in development with crowdfunded capital for so long, it’s still progress given that they’ve had some turmoil over the past year or so.

The update was posted by Kick, and he stated the following:

“We launched the Adventure last week to the first round of backers and so far the reception has been extremely positive! Our dedicated group of Adventurers helped us track down a number of issues such as malfunctioning doors, missing key cards, holes in the geometry that lead to the infinite void of space, etc! We’ve been hard at work patching up the issues and will be pushing a new build today and will be selecting more backers to join in!”

Players could view a screenshot of various objects in Citadel Station, such as doors and walls. Compared to the original game, the remake looks amazing. Nightdive has remained true to the original System Shock even when the graphics are rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

Backers will be getting an invite the System Shock remake alpha soon.

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