Ninja confused about his Apex Legends ban

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the Mixer star who was the first major figure to leave Twitch, has been banned from Apex Legends for an undisclosed reason.

During a stream, Ninja attempted to join a match and saw nothing but an error page. He was clueless as to why this happened and his viewers were just as confused.

Although he’s not too fond of Apex Legends, when he tried to log on with his friend Reverse2k, he was banned with a message that forced him back to his desktop.

Ninja tried to join twice, and on both ocassions, he couldn’t.

Eventually, he gave up on trying to join and seemed frustrated. He then fired up Dead by Daylight instead of Apex.

Since Ninja rarely plays Apex, he had no idea why he’d possibly be banned. And for what reason.

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit attempts to see what happened, but so far, there have been no updates.

Ninja was also a partner of Apex when the game first came out, so it seems that EA may have turned the other cheek.

Regardless, this will likely be addressed by EA soon. I mean, it’s Ninja after all.

Ninja made his way to fame by playing Fortnite, however, ever since his move to Mixer he’s been trying to play other games. Apex Legends is just one of them. Whether he still wants to play or not, we’ll have to see.