PewDiePie explains his hatred for Twitter and deletes Twitter account

PewDiePie has deleted his Twitter account after uploading a lengthy video about his thoughts on social media giant.

The sub king released a video today on December 16 which explained his criticism and thoughts against Twitter, namely which he said has become a “cesspool” of people bashing others to be a virtue signal.

PewDiePie’s video clearly was detailed and he put a lot of thought into it.

The uploaded vlog covered and addressed the elephant in the room that many others are agreeing with just by reviewing the video comments.

Shortly after Pewds published the rant, he deleted his Twitter account, and then quickly activating it again to prevent fake accounts by others abusing his name.

All of his tweets and replies are now offline.

Clearly, PewDiePie just wants some time to himself without being judged for it.

His tweets prior to his account going offline were showing how the media twisted his words when he announced he’ll be slowing down the video production.

In his “I hate twitter” video, he goes over some of the finer points of his hatred for the social media giant. Pewds is tired of the “virtue signaling” and fake personalities on Twitter, as you can watch on his newest video.