Nioh 2 will feature character creation and will be more “ideal” to the series

Koei Tecmo revealed some info about their Nioh 2 game during the PS Live coverage at E3. It looks like it’ll improve upon its previous game with some nice RPG elements and also a character creation mode.

Game director Fumihiko Yasuda outlined the overall goal for the game stating that creating a “proper, natural evolution” from the first game was a necessary step in development. The outcome didn’t result in huge changes but rather improved upon weak areas in the original game. The team was happy over the lukewarm success of Nioh, but this time, they want to fix all the original problems and make this game a more solid version of what they had originally planned.

Team Ninja is well-known for their reaction games but Nioh was more of an RPG. It was a change of pace from what they’re good at making so the game wasn’t perfected the first time around.

The latest addition to the series will have a story that ties in the with the previous game and made in a way where new players will still be able to understand it without playing the original. A character creation option will be available as it was most requested from fans of the game. Players will now be able to modify the race, gender, and looks of their awesome ninja. The experience Team Ninja gained through Nioh will allow them to make an even better game this time around- perhaps to what they had originally planned and we’ll get to experience the world of Nioh in all its glory.

From the trailer, we can’t really see any major differences other than some eye-candy for the time being. We’ll just have to sit tight and take their word for it.

There’s no release date as of now. It’s likely to be initially released on PS4 just like the original game.

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