Over 100M PS4 units sold to date; Fastest console to do so

Sony has finally sold over 100M PS4 consoles.

During a press release, Sony has confirmed that over 100M consoles have now been shipped worldwide. At this point, the PS4 will surpass the Wii, which sits at 101M and even the PS1 at 102M.

Sony predicts that 15M units will be sold during the current quarter, and will likely hit above 110M before the end of their fiscal year.

Who knows how many more units will sell until the PS5 rolls out? Even though the PS4 is quite dated now, there’s still plenty of time before the next console comes. There could be a total over 120M units for all we know.

The PS4 also proves to be the fastest console to ever hit 100M units in total sales in history.

For reference, the PS2 and Nintendo DS both sold over 150M. Do you think the PS4 has a chance?

The PS4 has pricing points that are perfect and continued updates and support. Third parties will also continue to release on PS4, so devs should continue to support the console.

Andy Wang

Andy Wang

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