Overwatch League will be getting 2-2-2 role lock 1

Overwatch League will be getting 2-2-2 role lock

Overwatch will be getting a 2-2-2 role lock soon, meaning that the matchup will require your team composition to have 2DPS, 2 tanks, and 2 supports.

A post on ResetEra showed that the new 2-2-2 role lock will force a team comp and players won’t be able to change their roles during a map, but can change heroes only within the same role/class.

Overwatch League’s Watchpoint will air tomorrow at around 2PM EST went live early on their site today. The changes are believed to go live around 27 days from now for the 18th Overwatch competitive season. This rule will only affect OWL, but Quick Play is not confirmed at this point.

Roles can only be changed between maps, and can’t be changed during a map.

Some players will want to keep Quick Play the same, and only have the rule added to League. But if they add this rule to every game mode, it very well could take out a lot of the entertainment factor for those looking just to play their favorite role. It’ll likely also get added to Ranked, given that Ranked and League follow very similar rules.

For now, we’ll have to see what the official announcement is tomorrow at 2PM EDT.

You can check out the Watchpoint video here.

Source: ResetEra