Paladins now has cross-play support with PS4

Paladins will now support cross-play between PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Although this proves to nothing new to the game, as there was always Xbox support with PC, this should help bring all players together.

Paladins is not quite as popular as before, so bringing in the PS4 crowd to the mix should help bump up the playerbase. Sony’s console already lags behind Xbox and PC with updates and support, so I can’t imagine the game doing too well over there.

MIcrosoft will allow cross-play, and Sony doesn’t. We all know that. But now, Palandisn will be the next runner-up. We’ll see Modern Warfare join that list.

The company also plans to bring their own games, Smite and Realm Royale to the mix. That means we’ll see these games support the same thing. Smite will have cross-play next week with RR coming in October.

David Wong

David Wong

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