FIFA 20 demo out on Origin; Try out the Volta mode

You can grab a copy of FIFA 20 right now on Origin. As a demo, of course. For all FIFA fans, the demo right now lets you play with some 3V3 Volta over Amsterdam.

And you can also play as PSG, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Dortmund, Chelsea, and Liverpool for Champions League.

The new Volta mode is a street-style gameplay mode, where you can have quick 3v3 up to 5v5 matches with no goalies. You can play through multiple environments that you’d probably never expect from FIFA, such as a rooftop tower or a giant cage.

Championship Leagues take place over standard arenas like Stamford Bridge ot Hotspur Stadium.

FIFA 20 already has a new driver from Nvidia and EA also revealed the top 100 players.

The official game rolls out on 9/27. Early purchases will get 3 days of early access. Origin subs get 1 additional day before anywhere else.

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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