PewDiePie on Xbox Series X: “It looks like a fridge.”

PewDiePie doesn’t seem too enthralled with the new Xbox design at all. The rectangular console didn’t appeal to the critics, and Pewds seems to agree.

The new Xbox has been compared to a mini PC tower and PewDiePie wasn’t afraid to extrapolate on this design choice.

He tossed his thoughts into the review video and stated that brands make their product look super “goofy” for marketing purposes.

He joked about how the Xbox Series X looks like fridge and what kind “snacks you can get” from the console.

Although we all know he’s joking, the marketing plan Microsoft has in place (if Pewds is right) is pretty much genius.

Make a dumb shape for your product and gets lots of people to criticize or make fun of it. Get publicity. For free.

All publicity is good publicity.