PlayStation's Remote App lets you play PS4 on your phone..

Play Apex Legends on your phone with PS4’s Remote App

PlayStation has found a new way to remotely play Apex Legends on your mobile device after the release of version 6.50 on PS4.

A new app that’ll go out for all major mobile platforms will allow users to stream their PS4 games from their console to their iPhone, iPad, and other devices via remote play. This means that any phone can now be a PlayStation Phone, and can play the PlayStation games that the account holds.

This new app populates virtual buttons on the screen and functions both in landscape and portrait modes. There’s also haptic feedback for the controls for phones that support the feature. The touchpad will be reserved for the entire upper half of the display with virtual joysticks on the other half.

The app makes your screen extremely busy. And you have to use the on-screen controls as no DualShock 4 support exists. This means you’ll have to use an MFi certified controller with your iOS device and nothing else will work with your PS4. So if you really wanna get your Apex Legends on, you can with PS4 mobile. There are workarounds to get your controller working, but those involve some more steps and not supported natively.

Getting the app and setting up the system is easy. You just download it from the App Store, log in to your PS4, and that’s it. You can now play your games on your phone. You’ll need your PSN ID and your PS4 on rest mode. The settings within your console allow the system to be woken up when you sign in remotely on your drive. Once there’s a connection between your PS4 and network over WiFi- you’re set.

Although after testing this out on Apex Legends, it’s really crappy. The virtual joysticks don’t work and there are serious latency problems. Perhaps this will be worked out later, but now, it’s pretty crappy. Wouldn’t recommend on public WiFi unless you have slow internet at home.

Either way, Remote Play is here for the PS4. Let’s see what they do next.

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