Pokemon Sleep: The game that “plays” during your sleep

Pokemon Sleep is the Pokemon game that plays while you sleep.

For those who like gaming so much that they wish they could play it while in bed, asleep, allow me to introduce Pokemon Sleep.

Yup, this is a real game. And it’s a game that came out of the press conference today at the Pokemon Press Conference.

The Pokemon Company rolled out the news for Pokemon Sleep, which is a new phone app slated for release next year. The app is a sleep tracker that offers a gameplay experience “like no other!”

We haven’t heard much about how Pokemon Sleep will play (or “work) exactly, but we like weird things. And this is nothing short of a typical sleep tracker. But when you pair that with a Pokemon game, things get pretty unique.

We’ll probably see some kind of mobile app that tracks your sleeping habits and rewards you with new Pokemon based on your sleep? Possibly? Or making waking up on time when your alarm goes off?

How this will work is a mystery.

Who knows? Stay tuned for Pokemon Sleep: