Possibly more Marvel Games coming after Spider-Man’s success

Marvel’s Spider-Man is still the hottest selling game in the UK right now, and has been crowned as the fastest selling PlayStation first-party title of all time and has shattered records within Marvel and PlayStation games as a whole. And from internet critics all over the interwebs.

Bill Rosemann, Creative Director at Marvel Games, recently responded to a tweet from GameSpot that discussed why Spider-Man selling well was an important factor. Rosemann built upon the thought of the game being “the Iron Man of Marvel video games.” This quite originally was said by Bryan Inthihar, Creative Director over at Insomniac Games. The quote was said during an interview with Kinda Funny Games:

The point is that now this quote really solidifies a new beginning of Marvel console games, a for how Iron Man was one of the first comic book movies that unleashed the Marvel universe to the general population. This will likely be the start of a plethora of quality, first-party, titles based on comic book superheroes from the Marvel brand. But what hero is up next Who knows? It’s all pure speculation at this point. But with its success so far, the fans have spoken and more Marvel games are likely on the way. Fans are stoked about this tweet.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available exclusively for the PS4. Just about 3.4M players have already experienced the game. This speaks “volumes” already. (Pun not intended.)