Battlefield V Open Beta: Stats, details, changes

Battlefield V developer DICE has posted a new report with some details from the Battlefield V Open Beta test. Statistics and various fascinating tidbits were organized into an infographic that spanned the duration of the event.

Some interesting details:

  • 36% of players chose to play as Assault (most popular)
  • 14% of players chose to play as Support (least popular)
  • 23,000,000 buddy revives were made
  • 80,000,000 fortifications were constructed
  • 143,139 snowmen were built
  • Tens of millions of hours were played

DICE also went ahead and listed a plethora of changes that’ll be adjusted for the full game’s release on November 20th. Some notable changes are improving player visibility, respawn timers, time to kill, vehicle options, systemic vehicle damage, pilot/gunner visibility.

Daniel Berlin, DICE’s Design Director, tweeted about some other game changes that’ll be adjusted:

DICE has also released a video where they discuss and talk about everything they’ve gathered from the beta in a “dev talk” video:

Battlefield V launches on the 20th of November for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.