Red Bull and PAC-MAN team up for special, limited edition cans

Like PAC-MAN? Like Red Bull? Then here’s the perfect beverage for you.

A partnership that no one saw coming is now live in retail stores near you. Red Bull and PAC-MAN have teamed up to make PAC-MAN-themed Red Bull cans- a special, limited time can with a slick new design featuring the classic PAC-MAN 80’s look.

You’ll see a maze with those ghosts in the background headlined with a special code under each can. These codes unlock free Red Bull-themed levels for the PAC-MAN mobile game (which is free to play).

PAC-MAN is published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. Director of Mobile, Toshihiko Naoe said in a press release:

“We’re excited to unite these two revolutionary brands for an electrifying partnership. We can’t wait to see fans take a bite out of the brand-new in-game content, available via Red Bull Energy Drink PAC-MAN cans.”

The mazes also have a special powerup to get PAC-MAN energized. Can you guess what those powerups are?

Red Bull cans.

They’re littered around the new mazes and allows PAC-MAN to eat ghosts without turning blue. Although this may make the game too easy, it’s all in good fun. The ghosts don’t run away like they usually do, and PAC-MAN doesn’t get wings. After he eats them, they get sent to the prison. The Cherry fruits are also replaced by various Red Bull letters around the maze.

Grab a limited edition can at your local store and download the free game if you’re up for it. These cans will surely go up in value later on given that the fan base for PAC-MAN is still huge. Collectors may shell out a pretty penny for these cans later on when they’re no longer being sold in stores.

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