Fortnite fans want to bring back Blitz LTM

Epic Games announced that the popular Blitz mode, a faster version of the classic battle royale mode would be removed in just a few days after it was added back- being replaced by Disco Domination.

Fortnite players on Reddit are asking Epic to bring Blitz back and keep it there permanently as a game mode. The faster gameplay allows players to get a similar gameplay experience with a shorter time commitment. It’s kind of like a “quick play” mode but rather than throwing you into a server that’s ready to go, the gameplay is also drastically changed for faster gameplay. The storm closes in on players much quicker and there’s plenty of loot to go around.

Redditors believe that Epic Games should bring Blitz back as a solo playlist called Quick Play, where players will be forced to play along in a shrinking play arena rather than a squad of players- which is how Blitz currently works. This idea would be good for players who just want to get some Fortnite action in before work or school, as it’ll run just about 15 minutes rather than normal game matches which last about 30 minutes. This idea was suggested by a Reddit user with plenty of support form other Fortnite players on Reddit.

The Disco Domination mode that has replaced Blitz is a limited time mode that has teams of 50 players against each other with the objective of securing various dancefloors around the map. The team holding the most control points will be declared the victor.

With this much support for Blitz and Epic being a community-centric developer, we just may see Blitz return to the world’s most popular battle royale game.

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