Sega Ages is coming to the Switch!

Sega Ages first lineup of games announced for the Switch

Sega has up and gone ahead announced their first lineup of games for their Sega Ages collection for the Switch.

We wrote about this previously and in short, the Sega Ages is a program where Sega brings their classic games over to a multitude of platforms. They did this for the 3DS as well and it was done successfully. Now, their first batch of games for the Switch has been announced.

We’re looking at Alex Kidd, Phantasy Star, Thunder Force IV, Sonic, and Gain Ground. These games included some goodies already and personally I know I’ll be getting Phantasy Star and Sonic (duh). Out of the list, those two were fond memories even though I was totally a Nintendo kid growing up.

This release of Sega Ages will bring over some titles to the West that weren’t available previously. It’ll roll out in Summer 2018 and will be handled by M2, which did the same games for the 3DS. Sega Ages is perfect for fans who liked Sega stuff and weren’t able to play them or just want to relive the classic games without buying an actual Sega console. In terms of Sonic the Hedgehog, some special elements from the 3DS would be added, such as the Spin Dash attack and the Mega Play version. In Thunder Force IV, players will get the Styx Mode and online leaderboards. In Phantasy Star, you’ll get additional options such as difficulty and walk speed.

Sega Ages originally came to fruition back on the Sega Saturn in 1996 in Japan. Then it came to the West with some awesome titles like Space Harrier, OutRun, and After Burner II. It’s nice to see this coming to the Switch. Now it’s a constant thing for Nintendo fans. It’s difficult to avoid getting some Sega on your Nintendo.

Players will be able to get ahold of this sometime in the Summer. Sit tight for updates.

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