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See UPS’s Toy-Con-Trainer made with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo has finally launched last week and its course for global domination has begun. Labo is Nintendo’s cardboard approach to have players create their own cardboard creations using the Switch to code them...

Nintendo Labo is coming soon.

Nintendo won’t reveal who’s behind the Labo

The Nintendo Labo has been a pretty good success based on word around the web. One questionable thing about Nintendo’s new interactive cardboard toy is that no one (other than Nintendo) is who exactly...

Netflix will be coming to the Switch- but when?

Netflix on Nintendo Switch – is it finally happening?

In case you didn’t know, the Nintendo Switch still doesn’t have any Netflix support. America’s favorite streaming provider is still “exploring the opportunity” to build an app for the Switch. Polygon reports this from...

The first DLC for SMO is rolling out.

Super Mario Odyssey gets its first DLC

    The first DLC for Super Mario Odyssey is ready for release in February 2018.   It’ll be completely free for all owners and comes with just a few new things. Namely, you’ll...