Shenmue 3 on Xbox One? Nope.

Shenmue 3 won’t be coming to Xbox One, Deep Silver confirms

Shenmue 3 fans who are expecting the game to be brought to the Xbox One will be disappointed.

After some digging around, Twitter user Warrior64 found that an Xbox One asset was on the source code for the preorder page.

Even though the Xbox One logo was on the page, Deep Silver came out and announced that there’s officially no planned version of Shenmue 3 for the Xbox One.

The game was first announced back at Sony’s E3 conference in 2015, but after then, we only confirmation for the game on PS4 and PC.

And now that we’ve received confirmation from none other than the horse’s mouth, we can now be assured that the game ain’t gonna be rolling out for the Xbox One anytime soon.