Steal double experience on Apex Legends this weekend

Apex Legends will be having a double XP weekend right before E3 2019.

Their official Twitter account made the news earlier today. Players can earn double XP and Battle Pass progression over the weekend.

The event ends on Monday, so you can grab double experience all weekend on Apex Legends.

They’ll also have a special event ongoing called Legendary Hunt, which gives players to earn some cosmetics for their character- this will be a limited time event.

Players tuning in to Apex Legends this weekend will get double XP, and the S1 Battle Pass this weekend. The Legendary Hunt continues even after the event is over, so you’ll have extra time to grab some sweet cosmetics for your avatars.

Apex Legends, the legendary battle royale game that had little-to-no advertisement and just went viral overnight. The game is still garnering popularity and the developers will continue to release content for it.

There’s definitely a hacker problem right now, but they’re working to resolve it.

The game has gone through many updates so far and will continue to receive them, alongside new content releases.

Overwatch will also be having a double XP weekend also, with their own anniversary event.

Get some Apex on and get some double experience this weekend!