SouljaGame Handheld is a $100 PS Vita knock-off

Soulja Boy has released a new console after following a suspected Nintendo lawsuit. This time around, it’s the SouljaGame Handheld, which is clearly just a rip-off of the PlayStation Vita.

He’s been making headlines through the release of many branded Soulja products. Some of them were previously released consoles that seem to be a knock-off of popular products, such as the Nintendo Wii U and GameBoy. DeAndre Cortez Way, AKA Soulja Boy, followed a lawsuit with Nintendo and those were removed right away last month, without any reason why. The only thing can assume is the lawsuit by Nintendo because, well, it’s Nintendo.

But he’s not done. Now he’s releasing a product that’s very comparable to the PS Vita in terms of looks. But performance is a different story. The SouljaGame Handheld is priced at $99.99 on “sale” after a $200 MSRP. It looks exactly like a PS Vita with slightly different buttons and scheming, but anyone who calls themselves a gamer will instantly know that this has no originality and is simply just a clone of a PS Vita dressed up differently with a much weaker spec sheet.

For reference, here are the specs for the SoulaGame Handheld:

Exquisite craftsmanship and fashion design with a reasonable price.
Built in camera for photo shooting and video recording.
Support TV output, can connect TV to play games and watch movies.
Support PC Camera, connect the computer, can use as computer camera.
4.3 inch 16:9 HD screen, 480 x 272 resolution.
Multi thread task mode, you can listen to music, while watching e-books.

Color: Blue/ Black/ Red/ White
Size: 9.3 X 72 X 126mm
Material: Plastic
Resolution: 480*272
Screen size: 4.3inch
Memory: 8GB

With a screen resolution of just 480 x 272, this is the same as the original PlayStation Portable back from 2005, so that’s slightly out of date. But at a price of $100, it may justify the spec sheet. I don’t think any actual gamer will shell out $100 to actually expect to take this thing seriously, other than a novelty item or they’re a Soulja Boy fan. But he probably doesn’t give the slightest damn. He’s Soulja Boy. He’s got all the cash in the world and producing things is his game- whether it be music or gaming consoles.

He also has his own SouljaWatch (Apple Watch), various smartphones and tablets, and even an AirPod knock off. Not sure if he’s trying to do the whole Dr. Dre thing, but who knows.

Nintendo fans did criticize him for releasing the Nintendo clones, but he responded by saying “Nintendo aint gon do SHI*” and his products weren’t “going anywhere.” But then a week later, all this merch suddenly vanished- including the tweets he posted. He then said, “I had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice.”

With his latest addition, the SouljaGame Handheld priced at $100, you can play games, listen to music, and even read books for an easy $100.

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