Anthem’s free world is pretty cool; Microtransactions for vanity gear only

Anthem released a new trailer yesterday that shows off some more gameplay footage of a new mission and free roaming the game’s world.

Recent footage of the game demoing the first mission and a few of the Javelin suits only results in fan disappointment. Common remarks included “repetitive” and ” clone.” That’s still ongoing even until today as we approach the game’s launch on February 22, 2019. And if things don’t change, fans will go in with a negative mindset, which could destroy the game and BioWare’s reputation since this is pretty all they have going for them right now. Other than the next Dragon Age.

The game’s free roam abilities as you can walk around the huge and free world in this shared-world shooter. A lot of the gameplay will play out in ways where you’ll encounter bosses, quests, and other loot just by approaching various action points around the world.

This is probably where it stands out from games like Destiny 2. Instead of having instance-based events in the world, you can freely walk around and trigger them. This is like a traditional MMO with shooter elements, so it’s a true MMO shooter.

The game so far won’t have cross-play, but possible cross-platform saves via the cloud. Anthem will also have vanity gear but no microtransactions that give any player advantages over others. Players will also be able to earn all the vanity by playing without spending a penny on the game even once:

While it does share a lot of the same gameplay features such as restricted spawning, suits, and overall theme, you should go in without comparison so you give the game a chance. BioWare has been working hard on this game, so you should at least give them the benefit of the doubt with their positive history of game releases (though maybe not on the last Dragon Age).

Anthem is set to release on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the footage below:

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