SSBU pros bash Nintendo for low tourney payouts

Hungrybox, one of the most recognized SSBU players bashed the prize pool for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

He’s known for telling it like it is. Bluntly. This time, he spoke about how the SSBU payout is just “embarrassing” and “tragic” that the players receive next to nothing compared to how big of a game SSBU actually is.

Another pro player ZeRo also believes the same, as he spends his time streaming rather than going to pro tourneys. This is for the same reason- because Nintendo doesn’t pay anything out nor offer as much support as smaller developers for other games.

ZeRo talks about how pros will retire and quit the scene.

Basically, there needs to be more cash pumped into the professional scene for SSBU.

Streaming and making money are the only sustaining factors for many pros, and they may a large chunk of their money from tournaments. This is the case for many games like League of Legends and CSGO.

But for Nintendo? They have deep pockets but don’t back up their pro scene.

Hungrybox puts this blame on Nintendo as they don’t have any official sponsorship for massive-scale tourneys, unlike other developers that are of similar size.

For 2019, the SSBU Summit 2 had a mere $50K prize pool, which is very little when you break it up and divide it among the top players.

“It’s the only company that really isn’t putting money into pot bonuses,”

“Even though they very easily could. We need developer support. I can’t stress this enough.”