Star Wars Battlefront II content roadmap for 2019 released

After a rocky start, Star Wars Battlefront II has semi-redeemed itself with the huge amount of content its been pushing out to players. The content has nearly doubled in size since the previous update with Count Dooku.

Even though some may still have that sour taste in their mouth from the stunt they pulled at launch when it released in 2017, DICE and EA have rolled out more content consistently over the year. And they’re not stopping yet. They’ve just annouced that they’re planning to release content throughout 2019.

DICE recently annouced all of its plans for this month. Battlefront II will be holding triple XP weekends with specific game modes for the next three weekends. The first one starts this Friday on January 4 and will focus on Heroes vs. Villains mode. The next one will be based on Troopers (January 11). And the final one will be Starfighters on January 18.

January also marks some new content plans through the Darth Tyranus update. This is a free patch for all players which rolls out January 23 and will include Count Dooku, which is a new hero character that can be bought in game. Dooku will also have a new skin variant titled the “Dark Ritual.” No news has been released regarding the skin, but we can already assume that the skin will be a cultist-type thing. I’m seeing long robes.

There will also be a new Coruscant Guard variant of the Clone Trooper.

Note that this is just the first of many updates that Battlefront II will get for 2019. February brings the Hero character of Anakin Skywalker and a new game mode. Nothing has been revealed yet, but we’ll hear more as we get closer to February. Stay tuned for updates.

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We need more weapons for the game because I am max level 70 and have all guns so sometimes it gets a little boring.Some ideas could be guns from battlefront 2015, dual pistol, and some hero and villain guns unlockable for troopers.Another thing that really bugs me is the enforcers they’re all the same and you e never seen a Wookiee on Kamino so… Another enforcer is the B2-RP super battledroid which looks exactly like the Ariel so switch to like a droideka or magnaguard and for the first order,resistance,rebellion,and empire just switch the enforcers for each map.Speaking of maps… Read more »