Anthem VIP demo rolls out January 25, Public demo February 1

EA and Bioware announced the exact date when players will get access to the latest demo of their latest project, Anthem.

There was an alpha version released last year but players couldn’t talk about it outside of the game. This demo will be players who pre-ordered the game or are EA Access members. The Anthem VIP demo will become available from January 25 until January 27, 2019. And for those who play the demo, they’ll get an exclusive in-game item when the game rolls out. This is still unknown but it’s likely a “founders” equipment to show off that you’ve been playing Anthem since early access.

One week later, anyone will be able to play the demo from February 1 until February 3, 2019. The scheduled time is usually extended by a few days depending on the popularity of the game. Bioware and EA may just give us an extra day to play the demo if it really takes off.

The Anthem VIP demo and the public demo content will be identical. Players will choose between the Ranger or Javelin suit as they visit Fort Tarsis, the game hub, and play through the few missions hand-picked by Bioware to give them a taste of the full game. Players will be level 10 when starting and can max out at level 15. No player progress will carry over at this point.

Anthem is Bioware’s latest project and all that they’ve been tweeting and posting about for the past few months. There have been slow drops of information for fans to lather up here and there, but nothing too revealing. A teaser about the demo was released back in August, but Bioware didn’t stress how this game is pretty much their only chance to become relevant again and could literally break their studio if it flops.

Anthem rolls out February 22, 2018. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can pre-order the game on Amazon and this will get you Anthem VIP access on January 25, 2019.

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Am I the only one who notices Amazon isn’t selling Anthem in the U.S.?