Streets of Rogue full release date confirmed, extra content planned

Streets of Rogue will be launching of early access on Steam and going into a full release.

The game took over two years to make it through early access, but it’s finally happening. The creator of Streets of Rogue, Matt Dabrowski, is proud to finally announce a release date for the game. A trailer was also uploaded that details the release date for the PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

For those who are unaware of this game, it’s basically a roguelike top-down Nuclear Throne-type of game with gorgeous pixel art, over 20 different character types, and a procedurally-generated world.

Each character has a specific set of mission goals and various abilities. You can choose a playstyle that matches yours, as each “class” has various pros and cons. The doctor is sneaky, the solider is combat, and so on. You can play the game as linearly as you want, or wander off and complete side quests, missions, and collect stuff.

The game also supports online and local multiplayer.

Dabrowski mentions that the game has met his expectations and turned out “1000x better” than how it would’ve turned out if he didn’t start with early access. Based on player feedback and a more lax timeframe, he was able to create the game and shape the future of it based on what the communited wanted.

Streets of Rogue will have new achievements and mutators, and some post-release creator content for free. He also states Streets of Rogue will have constant updates over time.

The game releases on 7/12 for PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4. You can check out the game on Steam.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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