Epic Games giving out free copies of Rebel Galaxy

Epic Games Store is currently giving out free copies of Rebel Galaxy. Cheers, all!

For those who are unaware, Epic Games has switched from their free game every two weeks model to a free game every single week. They’ve been giving out the goods since the launch of their Epic Games Store.

They’ve given out shockers, like The Witness, Slime Rancher, and even Subnautica.

While they’ve done some shady practices, such as stealing out deals from developers and even practicing what some would call anti-consumerism, they’re still doing one thing right- providing players with free games.

Of course, you’ll have to use their platform. And of course, they’ll probably collect some data from you.

But for those who don’t care or aren’t loyal to a specific DRM, free is free. And this week you can get Rebel Galaxy at no cost for a limited time, so pick yourself up a copy before time runs out!

You can get a copy here.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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