Sunset Overdrive may be coming to PC; ESRB rating confirmed

While the majority of Microsoft first-party titles are on Xbox One and PC, Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive is one of the few titles that never made it to the PC. Xbox One owners are just fine with the decision, but PC players are missing out on one of the more popular titles published by Microsoft.

However, the third-person wacky shooter may be finally coming to the PC. Gematsu reported earlier today that Sunset Overdrive has been rated by the ERSB for PC. The game was rated M for Mature, just like on the Xbox One- which is to no surprise.

While ratings leaked from Taiwan and Korea are often duds, an ESRB rating is basically confirmation that Sunset Overdrive will show up for the PC eventually in some way, form, or shape. A PC version was rated by the Korean Game Ratings Board back in May which only further solidifies the event.

Insomniac Games’ recent release Marvel’s Spider-Man has shattered sales records, so porting the game from Xbox One to PC may be a safe bet for their next project to keep the momentum going. They also may be bringing other Marvel games to consoles and PC. Many PC players haven’t experienced the Microsoft-published Sunset Overdrive yet, and when it comes to PC, they will. Even if it’s limited to the Microsoft Windows Store, players will likely be picking up a copy.

We’re not sure when Microsoft will unveil the PC port but hang tight for an announcement. Microsoft is holding XO18 soon, and that’ll be a perfect place for an announcement. They’ve recently revealed that they want to bring Xbox Game Pass to PC, their $9.99 a month library of rotating games which has fared well on Xbox One. Considering that Sunset Overdrive is part of the library, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it becoming available on the PC.

Sunset Overdrive is currently available for the Xbox One. You can check it out on Amazon. Or if you prefer to play the game with a ton of other titles, you can grab a Game Pass from Amazon.


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